Green Cleaning.

Green Cleaning is the practice of cleaning to protect health using chemicals, equipment and processes that minimize negative impacts to the environment.

Green Cleaning practices help reduce illness of building occupants, resulting in less productivity loss from absenteeism. In school environments, these practices create a healthy environment that boosts staff and student performance and decrease absenteeism. In example, Green Cleaning has been shown to help reduce health problems caused by asthma, the leading cause of student absenteeism.

Green Cleaning practices also protect the health of janitors and other cleaning professionals by minimizing their exposure to harmful chemicals. Avoiding harsh cleaning agents and cleaning processes also prolongs the lifespan of buildings.

Global Maintenance Resources is committed to helping our clients and our environment by utilizing Green Cleaning practices whenever possible. These practices include:

Using vacuums with highly effective filtration

Indoor air quality is typically 2 – 5 times worse than outdoor air. 50 % of schools have an indoor air quality problem. By using vacuums with high quality filtration systems, more dust and pollutants are removed form the work environment.

Using microfiber mops and towels for cleaning

Microfiber products are much more effective in trapping dust and dirt than traditional products. Effectively and efficiently removing dust, and other contaminants from inside a building helps improve indoor air quality and protect the health of its occupants.

Using Green Seal certified chemicals
Green Seal is a non-profit agency that certifies products for their environmentally friendliness. All Green Seal certified products have been tested to be minimally harmful to the environment relative to other, non-certified products. Green Seal certified chemicals are also packaged efficiently to minimize waste that ends up in landfills. Many traditional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that negatively impact indoor air quality.
Consulting Services

In addition to our Green practices, we also consult with our clients on steps which they can take to help create a greener environment within their facility. In example, strategic placement of walk off matting at entrances can greatly reduce the amount of dirt and other contaminants that are tracked into a building. This in turn, reduces the amount of resources and the accompanying negative environmental impact of having to remove these contaminants.

Using buffers with dust control systems
Buffing the finish on hard floor surfaces creates dust that negatively impact indoor air quality. By employing high quality buffers with dust control systems, the negative impact of floor buffing is lessened.
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Global Maintenance Resources provides "Green Cleening Services" to promote a healthy work environment for both your staff and clients. Commercial cleaning and janitorial services can in many cases expose both staff and clients to potentially harmful conditions. Green practices help prevent and virtually eliminate hazards ranging from simple nusiance dust to toxic chemicals. If your are concerned about your present commercial and janitorial services give us a call and take advantage of our consulting services.