About Global Maintenance Resources

Global Maintenance Resources is a quality leader in the building maintenance industry. The company’s goal from it’s beginning in 2001 was to provide the best possible service by working closely with our clients and leveraging technology to quickly, effectively, and efficiently satisfy all of their building maintenance needs.

Since its inception, Global Maintenance Resources has enjoyed very healthy revenue growth in each year of operation. This growth was, and continues to be fueled largely through customer retention and word of mouth advertising.

Despite its growth, Global Maintenance Resources remains optimally sized for providing its clients with the best service and value for their building maintenance dollar. The company has access to the resources necessary to efficiently and effectively satisfy client’s requirements and fluctuating demands yet remains small enough to allow it to respond quickly and effectively to client needs. The firm’s leaner management structure and lower overhead relative to larger competitors allows it to offer more for their client’s building maintenance dollar. As a result, Global Maintenance has successfully taken over and retained accounts from some of the nation’s largest building maintenance companies. Consistently the feedback from these customers is that Global Maintenance responds faster and more effectively than our larger competitors.

Global Maintenance Resources benefits from excellent employee retention as compared to the industry average. We accomplish this by properly training our staff so they are working smarter, not harder, recognizing and rewarding good performance, and treating them with respect.

Our Values
Global Maintenance Resources has never wavered from its original goal. The company has always, and will continue to provide superior customer at fair, competitive pricing by working closely with all of its clients and leveraging technology and industry best practices.
Customer Service
Our customer service department is second to none. Because we maintain a well staffed technical department as well as have access to an arsenal of assets we are able to meet customer concerns better than any of our competitors.
Community Involvement
Global Maintenance Resources and its staff are proud sponsors of nonprofit organizations. Each year we select various community programs to support both with financial and volunteer assistance.
Coverage Area
GMR serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Including Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara & San Francisco counties.
We know that some services are time critical. Global Maintenance Resources maintains an ample staff and resources to accomodate most of your scheduling needs.
Our Commitment
Our commitment is to provide our clients with convenient and expedient service. Make one call and have all your commercial janitorial and cleaning needs satisfied.